Thursday, December 24, 2009


Malakyte looked out at the vast land below her. It had been a week since her departure from Sylvhara, a departure she regretted for she missed her friends. But the disappearance of her beloved land of Anar drove her on. Surely a whole forest could not simply up and vanish like that. Beyond the obvious upset with the event there was the fact that such was her connection to it that she felt a part of herself missing.

Long nights had she spent there, gazing to the north, yet communing with the land itself. It was there that her first communion with the elements, the air, water, and land had happened. It was there she first had words with the birds, animals and trees.

What magic had taken the mountains, the glacier and forest, as well as the druid stones and simply vanished them? She had been very troubled by the occurrence. The Fae lands magical appearance in its place only cemented the fact that the land was gone.. perhaps forever.

In those last days she had explored the lands thoroughly, seeking a clue to the vanished forest. But there had been none save a single stone that somehow had fallen from that land into the waters of Elen. She had taken this, the very last connection to the land and placed it in her pouch, keeping it with her day and night.

One morning she awoke from a dream, one that showed her on a journey, seeking the forest of Anar and with that dream came the driving urge to find it once more.

So after a conversation with her Second, Powers, giving him authority to rule the dragons in her stead until her return, she had departed, not knowing when she might return. She thought it might be a short journey, but it had lasted for over a week and she had no further clue as to the solution of this puzzle except for what she felt from the stone, a feeling that it was not in dissolution but that it still existed, somewhere.

And so she traveled on, from the North West edge of the world, exploring all the lands that fell below her wings.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update at long last

I must apologize for my lack of posts here and that this is not in character. I had lost the correct name and password for this account and only just now figured it out.

A lot has happened since my last entry. Unfortunately a lot has happened in real life and i may not be on second life for much longer. I may not have internet for much longer as i have been out of work for over a year and my unemployment benefits are gone now. Our very house may be lost, unless i can get a job very soon.

I need to start looking at finishing things up in second life. As dragon regent i have just named an Elder Sun Dragon who will act as my second to the Dragons of Sylvhara and in worse case, he may succeed me as Dragon Regent if we do loose internet.

It is my hope that things will work out. But it is a great relief that someone else has stepped forward and is willing to take the responsibility if the worst happens.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Found it!


From the war torn land of Krynn i fly
Abandoning dark armies lest i die
Passed through gate and mists of time
I come seeking wealth and power for mine

Glittering scales blue as the saphire sea
All who see will fear me
My eyes the color of glacial ice
Ivory talons stronger than any vice

Dark are my wings as the midnight sky
There will be a great outcry
As swift i dive into the night
destroying all who worship light

Deadly lightening is my breath
To my enemies it is death
Elven called storm wind my fame
Hurro'nora is my name

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lost again!!!

I feel so frustrated, like such an idiot. My mind must be going at long last.


I have done one single poem i can be proud of in my whole life.. and the last time i was at the bard circle i decided to find it.. and after a long exhaustive search i did find it.

I remember making a seperate document of it and saving it so i could find it again.

But now several weeks later i can't remember where it is!!!


So i spent most of the time during the bards circle searching my computer and notecards for the poem all with no result.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts on creativity

Much has happened in the realm of Sylvhara, yet i have a feeling of frustration. I have been honored as a knight of the realm but still the quests are on hold. I also feel my character has stagnated a bit. Nothing is happening except reactions and there is nothing new or exciting about the dragons or my character. Perhaps that is why i continue to loose members.

I have remembered something that i have known in the past. Too much of one thing leads to stagnation. I "hang around" too much. I come online to get things done yet get caught into conversations that detour my train of thought. And then at the end of the day i hang out again, hoping for more interaction, cutting into my sleep. And so passes another day with nothing much accomplished and a bit deprived of the one thing that would help my creativity, my sleep.

For my real life as well as my second life, i need to spend less time there. If i go for a walk, do my art, do other things i will get ideas that i can apply there. I need not be there to get those ideas, in fact being away helps the ideas mature. I can even put them down on paper and think about them again and again, refining them.

Yes there are times when i need to be in world but not 24/7. It is better for my health, my real life as well as my second life that i break this habit.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lost dragons

Well by the meeting i guess the dragons can be in one other race. That is what i was told in the Council meeting so i will have to manage the dragons with that. *shrugs* i will deal with it.

I just realized how many core dragons are missing.

and yes... even

They didn't role-play all the time and are not the only dragons who have never role-played in Sylvhara but they were a presence in Triskele. I just wonder if there will ever be as many dragons again. And if i can keep the dragons a desirable group now.

Still working things out

Well the second Archer/Dragon hunt has happened though it was not nearly as well attended as the first.. at least it didn't seem so. The Alliance dragon hunt happens this Sunday so we will see what happens with that since only 2 native Sylvhara dragons attended the question and answer class for it.. plus some from Triskele. It may not be as big of an event that we all hope but we will see.

The Weyr did arrive just as promised and the first role-play has happened already, though it was not planned or approved by the council. Dorian asked me if it was ok and i, thinking it would only be a small and more personal role-play approved it. But it turned into a nearly realm wide event starting out with a search for a false crystal that ended up in a nearly disastrous battle with zombies in overwhelming numbers.

I had my class with the Power of Light group and have come to the conclusion i would rather use my breath weapon any day than that expensive druids staff which takes forever to kill a zombie. I think weak as it is, the breath weapon takes maybe 5 good hits to kill a zombie. Perhaps i will just stay dragon for any role-play and heaven help me if i am stuck as a biped during an invasion. As a druid i have spells that are offensive but only spot healing power. The alternative is to change Thubanism to being a deity based religion and that would defeat its whole purpose. So i guess at least for this realm i am stuck as a druid.

I suppose this makes me no better than those who don't really want to use the dragons tools. I was going to complain about them here but i really have no right to talk. Everyone wants to keep that which is familiar to them.

If they fight better as a mage or whatever then i guess they should continue the way they are. My main concern lately is trying to keep the same standards and rules for the dragons without the support of the overlying realm rules we had before.

Mostly i can manage the dragons just with the dragon rules but the one thing that has popped up lately is the issue of having more than one race. This was never a problem in Triskele since we had the one race rule. Everyone accepted it and no one ever felt excluded because that was a given from the beginning. In Sylvhara all the rules we had except for the most obvious are nonexistant. So if i say one can be of mixed blood but must be at least half dragon and if they want to belong to the dragon group they must be only dragon as their race, i am viewed as excluding them, not allowing them to participate in as many races as they want. This is what they are used to.

But the way i run the dragons is on loyalty also. If someone belongs to more than one race how can they be expected to operate with undivided loyalty? The dragons are loyal to the queen but also to themselves as a clan. There are things that are set up as quest rewards that those who are not dragons should not have. Things which were made just for dragons. Usually once someone is a dragon they stay a dragon, but if someone has their first loyalty to another race then what is to keep them from acquiring the dragon items and then quitting the group?

These are things, made by others which i have been entrusted not to give out freely to just anyone. I cannot break my trust so probably will not be able to use them as i have planned.

I have no problem with those who claim to have mixed blood though i have been accused of excluding them. In truth i had no idea who had mixed blood. My only requirement in terms of blood to belong to the dragons is that they have at least half dragon blood. And even if they are half dragon i would prefer they choose the race they have the most loyalty to. As a matter of fact i have only had one person who complained. None of the other dragons complained about the way i lead, though i was told that was because they didn't want to upset me.

As far as i know i also have the Queen's support 100% in the way i run this group. She is the one i have promised my loyalty to (or will officially when the ceremony happens) and she is the one that will say if and how i rule the dragons. As far as i know she is pleased with the way the dragons are. But to keep them as they are i need the tools to manage them as i have been, including the rules that were laid as the foundation of the group, which include some of the old rules from Triskele.

I know that changes are hard to do, that includes me also. I will try to be as flexible as possible for those who are native to Sylvhara. I have not required them to change at all actually and they can keep what race groups they already have. I see no reason though to change any rules for newcomers to the dragons or for those who already are members. This is something i will look at closely. Perhaps there is another way, but i simply do not see it.

I am willing for my eyes to be opened.